"Half-Shekel" Coin 5722-1962

The origin of the use of the "half-shekel" coin is to be found in the Bible, Exodus 30:11 -15.
'The Lord spoke unto Moses: When thou takest the sum of the children of Israel This they shall give... one half shekel The rich shall not give more and the poor shall not give less than half a shekel when they give an offering."
Jews living in the diaspora collected the half-shekel and forwarded the money to the Holy Land to help maintain learning. This was done in keeping with the custom prevailing during the Second Jewish Commonwealth when the half-shekel was collected abroad and sent to Jerusalem, as a contribution to the Temple.
The Bank of Israel issued in the year 5722-1962 a special half-shekel coin of a nominal value of half an Israeli Lira, as was done in the year 5721 -1961.
The connection between the half-shekel and Purim is found in the Talmud and mentioned in the Purim Megilah.

 Above, the word "Israel" in Hebrew and Arabic, and in Hebrew the year of issue "5722-1962". In the center the value "Half Israeli Lira".

 A raised reproduction of an ancient silver half-shekel of beaded rim from the third year of the first Jewish revolt against the Romans 66-73 C.E. At the center of the ancient coin in a chalice, and above it are the two Hebrew letters for "Year 3" of the revolt 68 C.E., and around it, in archaic letters, the Hebrew for a half shekel.


Mint Marks
 On the obverse of the proof coin, the letter "mem" on the bottom-rim-centre.

 Rothschild and Lippman ("Roli").

Mint marks
 On the obverse of the proof coin, the letter "mem" on the bottom-rim-centre.

The Royal Mint, Utrecht, Holland.



Catalogue No. Nominal Value
Type Metal Diameter
Quantity Issue Price
 42513308  1/2  B.U.  Cupro-Nickel  30  12  19,890  0.75
 42514304  1/2  Proof  Cupro-Nickel  30 12   9,894  1.50
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