Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty

Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty
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Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty
State Medal, 5739-1979

 The striving for peaceful relations with her Arab neighbors found expression even at the moment the State of Israel came into being, within the Declaration of Independence. The hand proferred was refused at the time and the Arab states commenced a war of extermination against the existence of a Jewish State in Palestine. The wars between Israel and her neighbors were hard and cruel but the Israel Defense Forces prevailed. After each one of these wars the leaders of Israel pleaded with the Arabs to put an end to bloodshed and to begin negotiations toward a peace treaty. Until 1977, however, the solid wall of hatred remained unbreached.
In November 1977, the President of Egypt, Anwar Al Sadat, took the first courageous step by making a State visit to Jerusalem as the guest of the Government and by declaring "No more war". Negotiations followed, at first in Jerusalem and in Cairo, and later at Camp David in the United States with the active participation of the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. Even then some protracted and tiring negotiations followed in order to bridge the gaps left following Camp David.

The peace treaty was signed in Washington, D.C. on March 26, 1979. The treaty bears the signatures of Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel and Anwar Al Sadat in the name of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The treaty also bears the signature of Jimmy Carter as a witness. To honor the historic occasion, a special State medal was issued in Israel.

 The sun, symbol, of hope, shines over Mt. Sinai. On the rim, the verse"l will give peace in the land -Leviticus 26:6" in Hebrew, English, and Arabic.

 In the center, a square formed by the word "Shalom" in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Below the square is the date according to the Hebrew, Islamic and Gregorian calendar (5739, 1399, 1979). Around the rim, the legend "Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty" Jerusalem, Cairo, Washington" in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.

 The State emblem and the words "State of Israel" in Hebrew and English. The silver medals minted by Kretschmer bear "Silver 937" in Hebrew and "Sterling" in English. On the medals minted by Hecht and Amnograph, the English reads "Silver". The gold medals bear "Gold 900".

All the medals are numbered. Silver 59mm were numbered to 11290. Not minted 22, and 524 were melted. Gold medals were numbered 8234, and 43 were melted.

Designer Engraving
Zvi Narkiss. Kretschmer.

Bronze - Kretschmer: 2000 Hecht: from 2001 on.
Silver 59mm - Kretschmer: 1-1000 Hecht: 1001 to
11,290 (see serialization).
Silver 45mm - Kretschmer: from 1 to 10,500.
Amnograph: from 10,501 to 15,970 Kretschmer:
from 15,971 on.
Gold 35mm - Israel Government Mint, Jerusalem.


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