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State Medal, 5726-1966

 Baron Edmond (Abraham Benjamin) de Rothschild, scion of the famous banking family, was born in 1 845. In Jewish history he merited the accolade of the "famous benefactor." He is credited with saving the early settlements from economic collapse and for helping establish new ones. Between 1887 and 1925 "the famous benefactor" visited Palestine five times. He helped Chaim Weizmann in his political efforts and greatly assisted cultural and educational institutions. His remains were brought to Israel in 1954 and were interred in Zichron Valley.

His son, James, added to his father's achievements and widened his area of interests. James died in 1957 and by his will, PICA was dissolved, its land holdings being given to the Jewish National Fund. A large sum from his estate contributed to building the Knesset edifice in Jerusalem.

In the centre, two medallions, upon which appears a likeness of the "famous benefactor" and his son James. Beneath, the legend: "Edmond de Rothschild, father of the yishuv and his son James, who gave the Knesset its home." The above also in English. In the upper part, round the rim, a gold frame. The artist's signature, P. Vincze, in Hebrew and English.

Three sets of figures symbolizing the major achievements of the Rothschilds and PICA, in Israel (agriculture, education, industry). Above them, the Knesset. Round the rim, a golden frame. The artist's signature, P. Vincze, in Hebrew and English.

The State emblem, the word "Israel" in Hebrew and English.
On the margin of the bronze and silver medals, minted in Rome, appears the legend: "Elul 5726 - Aug. 1966". On the margin of the gold medals there is the mark: "G 917". On the silver medals "Silver 986" in Hebrew and the word "Silver" in English.

All medals have been numbered.
Silver were numbered 5,000, seven have been melted.

Paul Vincze, London.

La Zecca, Rome.

Silver, gold and bronze medals, to number 4,000 of 78 gms - La Zecca, Rome.
Bronze 98 gms, from number 4001 - Kretschmer.


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