The Western Wall Gold Bullion Coin 2011 - 1oz Gold/9999 0The Western Wall Gold Bullion Coin 2011 - 1oz Gold/9999 0The Western Wall Gold Bullion Coin 2011 - 1oz Gold/9999 0The Western Wall Gold Bullion Coin 2011 - 1oz Gold/9999 0



Second in the “Jerusalem of Gold” Bullion Coin Series
Legal Tender issued by the Bank of Israel
 Released: Jerusalem Day, Iyar 28, 5771, June 1, 2011


The "Western Wall" Coin, legal tender issued by the Bank of Israel, is second in the "Jerusalem of Gold" Series. The coins in this series are Bullion Coins. They contain 1 troy oz. of fine gold.9999 and have a Face Value of 20 New Sheqalim.
After the excitement and overwhelming success of the "Tower of David", Israel's first Bullion Coin, the Bank of Israel released the "Western Wall" Coin, second in the series.
The famous “Lion of Megiddo” taken from an ancient 8th century BCE seal, excavated in Megiddo (Armageddon) in the Jordan Valley. The seal belonged to Shema, a servant of King Jeroboam II, who was King of Israel during the time of the Prophet Amos. The lion is also symbol of the Tribe of Judah and of Jerusalem. The same "Lion of Megiddo" appeared on the Israeli 5 Lira Banknote (1958), 5 Lira Coin (1978) and on the Half Sheqel Coin (1980). Above the figure of the lion appears the State of Israel Emblem and below it the word “Israel” in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
 The Western Wall, which is the sole remnant of the Second Holy Temple in Jerusalem that was destroyed in 70 CE by the Romans, and whose location is close to where the Holy of Holies of the Temple stood. At this sacred place, the Divine Presence is said never to leave. People pray at the Wall 24 hours a day and leave pieces of paper with their prayers, within its crevices. Some 8 million people from all over the world visit the Western Wall each year, including Kings and Presidents.
In the upper coin border, the word “Jerusalem” is inscribed in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
 Lion Obverse Design (common to all the coins in this series): Meir Eshel
 Face Value Design: Igal Gabay.
Tidhar Dagan
Royal Dutch Mint



 Catalogue No.  Metal  Face Value I.S.  Finish:  Mint Mark  Diameter
 31922320  Gold.9999  20 NIS  Brilliant Uncirculated  Star of David  32.0  31.1  3,600


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