Jonah in the Whale - 13.92mm, 1.244g, 1 New Shekel, Smallest Gold/999 Coin 0Jonah in the Whale - 13.92mm, 1.244g, 1 New Shekel, Smallest Gold/999 Coin 0
15th in the BIBLICAL ART Coin Series
Legal Tender issued by the Bank of Israel

Coin of the Year 2012

Jonah the Prophet was commanded by the Lord to go from the Land of Israel to the city of Nineveh (thought to be Mosul in Iraq, today) to warn its people to repent for their evil ways, lest their city be destroyed. Jonah, however, chose to flee from his mission by boarding a ship bound for Tarshish (thought to be Spain, today). When a violent storm arose, the ship's crew believed that one of the passengers was responsible and cast lots to determine who it could be. 
The lot fell on Jonah, who admitted his guilt and was cast into the sea, which then calmed down.
Meanwhile, a big fish, thought to be a whale, swallowed up Jonah into its belly, where he remained for three days and three nights. From the belly of the fish, Jonah prayed to the Lord and was saved when the fish spat him out on the shore. 
He then understood he was destined to go to Nineveh, as he had been commanded. The King and the people of Nineveh repented and were subsequently saved.
The coin design of Jonah in the whale is inspired by the Chinese "Yin Yang" philosophy.

  Face value in Hebrew and English, Israel State Emblem, "Israel" in Hebrew, English and Arabic, mint year, inscription "Jonah in the belly of the fish", Jonah 2:1, in the 3 languages, Jonah in prayer.

 Jonah praying from the belly of the whale.

 Silver Prooflike Coin: Smooth
 Silver Proof and Gold Coins: Milled

Mint Marks:

Below the face value: 

Silver Prooflike Coin – Star of David
 Silver Proof and Gold Coins – Hebrew letter "Mem" 

 Obverse: Aharon Shevo
 Reverse: Gideon Keich


 Tidhar Dagan / Mint of Finland  Mint of Finland


Catalogue No. Metal Face Value Mint Mark
Quantity Issue Price $
  31889300  Gold/917 22k Proof  NIS 10 "מ" (Mem)   30.0   16.96   444  1,040
  21889380  Silver/925 Proof  NIS 2 "מ" (Mem)  38.7  28.80  2,776  97
  21889300  Silver/925 Prooflike  NIS 1 Star of David  30.0  14.40   1,791  65
  71889331     Set of the 3 coins above     1,172
  71889222     Set of the 2 silver coins     155
  31889140   Gold/999 Proof  NIS 1  "מ" (Mem) 13.92 1.244  1,800  121


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