Egoz Ship - 70mm Bronze Medal 0Egoz Ship - 70mm Bronze Medal 0
Description of the medal
On December 14, 1947, three illegal immigrant ships carrying hundreds of Jews from Morocco joined the attempts to break the British blockade of Israel's coast. After achieving its independence, Morocco outlawed Jewish emigration and closed Jewish institutions, forcing illegal Jewish emigration to Israel. A small ship called Pisces - renamed the Egoz, was caught in a storm opposite the Moroccan coast on January 9, 1961 and all its 44 passengers drowned. With the reburial on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem of some of the bodies from the ship Egoz in 1992, a heroic chapter in the history of North African Jewry and their struggle to immigrate to Israel was commemorated. The medal commemorates their heroism and memory. 
The Egoz ship tossed by waves; below, in Hebrew, "in memory of the 44". Above, along the circumference, in Hebrew and French "LE NAVIRE EGOZ 1961 5721". Below, along the circumference, the outline of the Mediterranean coast with "Morocco" and "Israel" indicated in Hebrew. 
Figures of two Moroccan Jews with a Moorish arch behind them, facing Jerusalem. In the background, figures of illegal immigrants along the coast with a ship and lighthouse. Below, along the circumference, the inscription "CLANDESTINITE ET IMMIGRATION ILLEGALE EN AFRIQUE DU NORD" in Hebrew and French. 
State emblem with the words "STATE OF ISRAEL' in Hebrew on the right and in English on the left and serial number. Bronze/tombac medal - "BRONZE" in Hebrew and English; Silver medal - "S 999" in Hebrew and English; gold medal - "G 750" in Hebrew and English. 
All medals are numbered.

Obverse - Amnon Ma'or and Pnina Moatte.
Reverse - Amnon Ma'or.


Bronze/tombac and silver - Kretschmer.
Gold - The Government Mint.


Catalogue No. Mint Year Metal
Quantity Issue Price
 15218707  1993   Bronze/tombac 70  140  *  17.-
  25218505  1993  Silver/999 50   60  *  60.-
  35218248  1993   Gold/750  24 10.36  * 191.-


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