Naomi Shemer was a prolific song writer and composer, by means of which she expressed her profound love of the beautiful landscapes of  Israel. 

Born in 1930 on Kibbutz Kinneret overlooking the Sea of Galilee, Naomi Shemer's exceptional musical talent was enhanced by the inspiration she drew from the magnificent surrounding views of the Lake and the Jordan Valley. Following her army service in the Nahal Entertainment Corps, she studied at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. She wrote numerous songs for the army entertainment groups and Israeli singers, in addition to composing music to many of the works of the Israeli poet Rachel. The peak of her career was reached with her "Jerusalem of Gold" song, which was composed prior to the unification of the city during the Six Day War in 1967. With the overwhelming popularity of the song in Israel and around the world, she became known as Israel's "First Lady of Song".

She had a unique ability to compose lyrics and melodies intertwined in perfect harmony. Her songs excel in linguistic complexity, stemming from Biblical and traditional sources while corresponding perfectly with contemporary language.

She was awarded the Israel Prize in 1987 for her contribution to music and was the recipient of four Honorary Doctorate degrees. Naomi Shemer passed away in June 2004, the Hebrew month of Tammuz. In the words of one of her songs: "How very sad it is to die in Tammuz".

 Face value in Hebrew and English, Israel State Emblem, "Israel" in English, Hebrew and Arabic, mint year; musical note lines with the words "Naomi Shemer" and a flower.

 Likeness of Naomi Shemer, two rows of border inscription to the left: "Your songs flow after you" and "Naomi Shemer 1930-2004" in Hebrew and English.

 Silver Prooflike Coin: Smooth
 Silver Proof and Gold Coin: Milled

Mint Marks:

 Silver Prooflike Coin – Star of David
 Silver Proof and Gold Coin – Hebrew letter "Mem" 

 Meir Eshel

Plaster Models:
 Tidhar Dagan

 Dutch Mint

 Dutch Mint




Catalogue No. Metal Face Value
Mint Mark
Mintage Issue Price
 31686300  Gold/917   Proof  NIS 10 "מ" (Mem)   30.0   16.96   455  499
 21686380  Silver/925 Proof  NIS 2 "מ" (Mem)  38.7  28.80  1,100  50
 21686300  Silver/925 Prooflike  NIS 1 Star of David  30.0  14.40   1,100  34


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