King Hussein of Jordan - 70mm Bronze Medal 0King Hussein of Jordan - 70mm Bronze Medal 0
 King Hussein of Jordan
State Medal 1999/5759

In June 1951, the young Hussein accompanied his grandfather, King Abdallah, to prayers at the El-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. An awaiting assassin shot the grandfather, killing him because of his stand on peace. A piece of shrapnel hit Hussein, but was deflected by a medal. This Medal has been issued in his memory.
In 1953, Hussein, just 17 years old, was crowned King of Jordan. The first public meeting between King Hussein and Yitzhak Rabin took place in 1994, the same year in which the Israel – Jordan Peace Treaty was signed, opening a new page in the relationship between the two countries.
King Hussein's eulogy at Rabin's funeral was emotionally stirring.
Hussein's image, based on his royal stature and personal warmth, and humility, made him one of the most respected leaders in the world, and led to the Israeli public's acceptance and empathy of him as a true partner in peace.

 Portrait of King Hussein of Jordan and to the left of the portrait, the emblem of Jordan, inscription "Hussein, King of Jordan" in Hebrew and Arabic and "H.M. Hussein King of Jordan" and years of his life "1935 – 1999".

 Flag of Jordan to the right and the flag of Israel to the left. In the center, in between the flags, from top to bottom "Peace for the Children of Abraham" in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

 State emblem with the words "STATE OF ISRAEL" inscribed in Hebrew on the right and in English on the left; the serial number and metal.

 Ruben Nutels.


 Tidhar Dagan.
 Gold and Silver Medals: Government Mint, Jerusalem.
 Bronze Medal: Kretschmer, Jerusalem.
Catalogue No. Mint Year Metal
Quantity Issue Price $
 31177310  1999  Gold/585  30.5  17.0  850  $340
 21177500  1999  Pure Silver  50.0  60.0  1,333  $71
 11177700  1999  Bronze/Tombac  70.0  140.0  1,350  $22
 41177300  2000  Copper – Nickel  30.0  16.0  7,486  *
     *Sold within a First Day Cover with King Hussein Postage Stamp (Price: $ 18).


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